Rescuers: Cat found hanging from tree with rope around neck now recovering

MAINEVILLE, OH (FOX19) - A cat that was found hanging from a tree with a rope around his neck miraculously survived the abuse and is now in the care of a local rescue.

Myles Ahead Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, based out of Maineville, is already taking care of 84 kittens, but volunteers said they couldn't turn "Trooper" away. Rescuers said what the six-year-old cat has had to endure is nothing short of vulgar and vile.

"He's definitely been through a lot, and to trust humans and to still care is pretty amazing," said Janel Hemrick, the Executive Director and Founder of Myles Ahead.

Kristian Brady said she saw photos of Trooper and of his injuries on Facebook and offered to take him in. A man from Troy, Ohio drove the cat down and dropped him off at Brady's home on Monday night.

"He told me when he brought him to me that a couple older kids had put a rope around his neck and hung him from a tree," Brady said. "It's sad. It's cruel. All they want is love and attention."

Thankfully, a woman in Troy reportedly caught the children in the act and stepped in by scaring the kids off and getting the cat out of death's grip.

"She basically saved his life. If she wouldn't have seen him, what would have happened," Brady said.

Brady's next move was making contact with Myles Ahead Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. Without hesitation, the volunteers agreed to come to his aid and took over his care on Tuesday.

"Even the worst he could do would be nothing compared to what they did to him," Hemrick said.

Though he has thick layers of fur, Trooper, according to rescuers, is covered in scrapes and scratches, and his eardrums are ruptured and infected.

"He also has some broken teeth," Hemrick said. "My guess would be that's from fighting, trying to get away from being hung."

Despite the injuries, Trooper is expected to be OK.

"It makes me feel good knowing he's not where he was, and he's going to be OK," Brady said.

It's unclear whether a criminal investigation is underway in Troy.

"Until we as a society make it absolutely impossible for people to abuse animals then we will continue to have to rescue," Hemrick said."Without those people on the ground saying stop, this will never stop."

Trooper has been neutered and is now staying with a foster family while rescuers search for his forever home. Brady said that she feels so attached to Trooper, she might try to adopt him herself.

Myles Ahead Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is always accepting donations to help cats like Trooper. You can donate through the organization's website. Rescuers said they are also looking for fosters, volunteers and for potential adopters. To find out how you can get involved, head to the website.

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