Safety advocates calling for awareness to risks of Pleasant Ridge pedestrians

PLEASANT RIDGE, OH (FOX19) - Local safety advocates are calling for greater awareness of the risks posed to pedestrians in Pleasant Ridge.

The intersection of Ridge and Montgomery Road has undergone somewhat of a revitalization and locals said that's what makes it particularly vulnerable to pedestrian accidents.

"Look out for each other, it's a very simple thing," Jenifer Moore with AAA said.

The goal is to reduce the risk of someone getting hurt crossing the street.

"There are a lot of new restaurants here, a coffee shop. Some established staples too. So, we see more people moving back to the core of the city and they want to take advantage of everything they have to offer," Moore said.

Pleasant Ridge's Traffic Committee asked for certain changes to the area of Montgomery Road a couple years ago.

Police have increased their presence in the area and other measures have been taken to improve safety.

"Repainting is a big one. Making sure the crosswalks are visible," Sharon Garry, with Hamilton County Safe Communities said.

But, drivers are still speeding past the designated speed limit.

"People fly. They fly down here and if they know they're not going to get caught, what's the deterrent," Garry said.

She said it's also the walkers and runners who have to have their heads up and eyes on the road.

"Don't just assume that just because you have the right of way that person's going to stop. Make sure that you're making eye contact. Make sure that person sees you," Garry said.

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