Take a look inside an abandoned amusement park in Ohio

MONROE, OH (FOX19) - Old paddle boats, bumper cars and arcade storefronts are just a few of the remaining relics littered throughout an abandoned amusement park in Southwest Ohio.

The former site of Americana Amusement Park at Lesourdsville Lake will soon be transformed into Butler Tech's sixth campus. But before crews scrub graffiti from the walls and dismember the high dive, Cincinnati-area photographer Danielle Ledonne had the rare opportunity to look inside the abandoned park.

The result is an eerie, yet nostalgic, view of what's left of Americana.

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LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park opened in 1922 as a picnic and campground. In the 1940s, the park added rides and an arcade.

The name was changed to Americana Amusement Park in 1977.

It closed in 2002.

"My dad's company had their company picnics there as well as the city I grew up in, they had outings there.  It was neat getting back into the park," Ledonne said about photographing the park. "My dad passed away a month ago, with all my memories of the park revolving around him, it was good to go back."

Through its new campus, Butler Tech and Monroe city officials have plans to make sure the park isn't forgotten.

"While all of the rides/attractions have long since been removed from the former amusement park, our intent is to pay homage to the site with such ideas as a partial recreation of the lake, utilizing the sky ride seating for walking path benches, and to possibly construct a small history Americana/Lesourdsville Lake Museum," said Kevin Chase, director of development for Monroe.

Ledonne says she was granted permission from the city to photograph the park site.

The site is closed to the public for safety issues, Chase says.

The construction of the new campus will be a multi-year process. Chase said it will be a recreational amenity for our citizens and the region.

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