Middletown thieves caught on camera stealing car from dealership

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - A few auto businesses in Middletown are fed up after being targeted by thieves.

The most recent incident was caught on camera. The footage shows two men stealing a car from Bill Williams Auto Sales on North Verity Way.

Tim Conrad is a salesman at Bill Williams Auto Sales. He gets angry every time he watches the video of two men rummaging through the cars on the dealership lot after hours.

"It just feels like you got punched in the face. It's aggravating," said Conrad.

The two men broke into several cars early Monday morning. After spending about 10 minutes checking out the different rides they settled on a Dark Blue Chrysler 300. The surveillance video shows them driving it right off the lot.

"We came in Monday morning, we do our normal lot check -- noticed a car was missing," said Conrad.

He's still not sure how the thieves were able to move the car off the lot.

"That's something that blows our mind as well. We're not even sure how they made it into the vehicle. All the vehicles were locked. We have a little keyboard where we keep all of our keys -- we are not sure if one of them fell on the sidewalk or something and they found it and made off with it," he said.

His dealership wasn't the only one targeted. A few minutes before stealing a car, Conrad says the crooks were next door at Don's Tire Center stealing merchandise.

"They took some parts from some of the vehicles they have on site," he said.

Conrad says this has been an ongoing problem. Earlier this month, several cars at Don's Tire were broken into. Then in February a customer getting his car serviced at Don's Tire had his vehicle stolen.

"It's really frustrating. We all deal with the same thing. This area people exploit whoever and whenever they can for their own ends," said Conrad.

Though it is tough to see the faces in the surveillance video, Conrad and Middletown Police are hoping someone will be able to recognize the men from their clothing or their mannerisms.

"I just hope we can all rally together to get these two people because they're not going to stop, someone knows who they are," said Conrad.

In the video, it appears one man has a tattoo on each leg. The stolen car is valued at $8,000. Anyone with information is asked to call Middletown Police.

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