Wave of dog attacks? Milford family wants victims to come forward

MILFORD, OH (FOX19) - A string of reported dog attacks in Milford has one family saying they're now forced to call on all victims to come together and compare notes.

It was an unusually warm night in February when Ethan Oney says he and his 5-year-old daughter Mirra were walking their dog JoJo in an alley.

"Out of nowhere, dog, coming full speed," Oney said. "I jumped, I back punched trying to hit it."

Oney says a pit bull came charging at JoJo and latched onto his pet's neck.

"Right in this spot right here, it was just ripping his throat apart," Oney said.

JoJo had to undergo extensive surgeries to survive.

Ethan says at first he tried to take on the pit bull with his bare hands.

"So, I fought the dog right here, which is how I got bit and gnawed up," Oney said.

When Ethan was unable to contain the pit bull himself he says he had to pull out a gun he had with him and rely on his open carry permit to protect himself and his daughter.

"I fired five rounds, hit the dog three times. Dog's still alive today," Oney said. "I punched it probably 20 times in the head, kicked it about another six to eight, and shot it three times? Well, and my last resort was to shoot it. There was no stopping this dog."

Lisa McKinney is Mirra's mom and Ethan's fiancée.

"My heart fell out. I didn't know who was hurt," McKinney said.

She says she went onto the Milford Neighborhood group page on Facebook and found several posts saying that other dogs have been attacking in the area.

One read, "If you want to avoid being bitten...please avoid the corner of Clark Street and Forest Avenue."

"We certainly can't feel comfortable out playing and walking and biking when you're afraid you're going to be attacked by a dog," McKinney said.

McKinney says she wants anyone who has had encounters with attacking dogs in Milford to get in touch with her through the Facebook neighborhood page.

"So we can organize our information," she said. "See how big of a problem this really is in Milford and see if we can talk to city leaders to see if there is something we can do ... to eradicate this fear to make us feel safer again."

FOX19 NOW visited the home of the attacking dog's owner and left a message. We have not heard back.

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