Cincinnati resident among those indicted in fatal Kansas 'swatting'

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Cincinnati-area resident is among three that have been indicted in a fatal "swatting" case in Kansas.

According to our partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer, Casey Viner, 18, of College Hill, is charged with wire fraud, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice.

The indictment defines "swatting" as such:

"Swatting" occurs when someone makes a telephone call to an emergency service to falsely report an ongoing critical or emergency situation. Such calls are placed with the intent to convey false or misleading information, under circumstances where the information is reasonably believed by the 911 dispatcher.

Defendants Tyler Barris and Shane Gaskill are also named in the indictment.

The documents say Viner became upset while playing a video game online in Dec. 2017 before contacting another Barris and asking him to "swat" Gaskill.

Barris called Wichita police around 6 p.m., claiming his mother struck his father with a gun. Barris' call led officers to an address on W. McCormick Street, where they believed they were responding to a self-inflicted shooting.

At some point thereafter, the indictment states, a man stepped onto the front porch, where he was shot and killed. According to the Enquirer, the officer was not charged.

Barriss and Gaskill later had the following exchange via electronic communication, per the indictment:

Barriss: Did police show up to your house yes or no

Gaskill: No dumb (expletive) ... they showed up at my old house (expletive)

Barriss is charged with cyberstalking, threatening to kill another or damage property, interstate threats, wire fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and laws regarding "false information and hoaxes." Gaskill is charged with wire fraud and multiple counts of obstruction of justice.

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