After-hours club or neighborhood gathering? Man cited after noise complaints

EVANSTON, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati police are looking into a possible "after-hours club" in Evanston. The man leasing the home says he's just trying to bring the community together.

"The community members wanted this behavior to stop, they wanted nice civil peace and a livable community," said Cincinnati Police Lt. Michael Fern.

According to an arrest report, Cincinnati police have received more than 23 calls for loud noise or disorderly subjects at a house along Holloway Court.

"Bring everybody together and we have a good time and we forget about the drama and the shootings and the killings and it's been working," said Orlando Howell.

Howell says he's not running an after-hours club out of his home but has extended an open invitation to those living in the neighborhood to spend time together there. Howell says it has kept people in the neighborhood out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati police say the rest of the neighborhood is calling them with complaints about loud noise coming from Howell's home. The Cincinnati Police data portal shows 17 calls for service to the area of Howell's home between April 21 and May 8. Those 17 calls were all placed between 8:12 p.m. and 4:26 a.m.

"The community demanded that the police take action so in accordance with the philosophy of the Cincinnati Police Department, working in partnership with the community we took enforcement action," Fern said.

Police officers were called to Howell's home on May 15, and court records show he was arrested for obstruction of official business and cited for loud noise and drug possession. Officers attempted to use a stun gun on Howell after the Evanston native allegedly tried to pull away from officers and flee into the home.

"They came the other day and was all in my backyard, taking my property, trying to stop us from gathering," Howell said. "You feel me? And, I don't understand how that is."

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