Beverly Hills Supper Club fire: Former busboy says pictures show arson

SOUTHGATE, KY (FOX19) - Memorial Day Weekend will mark the forty-first anniversary of one of the deadliest disasters in northern Kentucky history.

The Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate burned down on May 28, 1977, claiming the lives of 165 victims.

The site of the devastating fire is currently for sale and Southgate police say trespassers will be arrested.

On the fortieth anniversary of the fire, a memorial ceremony was planned at the Southgate Community Center where people could then climb to the hill where the club once stood to observe where the deadly fire took place.

David Brock was 18 at the time of the fire and a busby at the Supper Club the night of the fire. He says he has worked with other survivors, families, and friends to separate fact from fiction about what happened that night in 1977.

"You never forget what you saw and what you witnessed and we continue to fight every year we come up to Beverly Hills" Brock said.

Brock has spent years collecting evidence he claims prove the fire was arson, caused by the mob.

Brock said he now has pictures that prove the fire was arson. He said it took more than 30 years to find the pictures and he had to sue the Kentucky State Police to get them.

"A furnace filter washer unit, where they took a 220 motor and ran it through two 110 outlets, bare wire, and this particular unit was on a timer so that when that surge hit it electrically, we've got a picture of it in the book" those are what the newly acquired pictures show said Tom McConaughy, a contributor for a new book about the fire.

Author Bob Webster worked with Brock on Brock's first book about the fire, its cause and how many lives it changed.

"This was like the moon landing, this was like JFK getting shot, everyone around here that day remembers where they were when the Beverly Hills Supper Club caught fire," said Webster.

Brock and McConaughy have been working together compiling years of research and memories into their new book which will include the pictures they say proves the fire war arson.

In 2017, the Mayor of Southgate and the Campbell County Judge Executive released a statement expressing hope and commitment to building a permanent memorial on the 80-acre site.

The hilltop site of the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire is now a tangled web of overgrown trees with rustic relics of the former club lining the path where the rooms once stood.

After years of research, reflection, and memories that have been recounted for later generations, Brock and McConaughy said they now feel that they have the answers that can help with the healing.

No one has ever been charged in the fire which was officially ruled as accident caused by faulty aluminum wiring.

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