Teen starts GoFundMe in hopes of visiting deported mother

Teen starts GoFundMe in hopes of visiting deported mother
Source: GoFundMe

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bakary DJuma, 14, is putting his hands together and hoping he has more luck than his mother.

She was deported in March 2017. DJuma, who wants to be a trauma surgeon, has started a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising enough money to go see his mom in West Africa.

He spoke with FOX19 about the day authorities came to take his mother away.

"My dad was going to work and they saw the license plate number. They were waiting for him around the corner and they came. They woke everyone up and they would not let us do anything -- like they wouldn't let us hold her or anything," he said.

DJuma said his mother did something many do from time to time -- she was late. But in this instance, it was a court case.

"She missed a court date -- like her hearing date," he said. "Every year they have to go and present themselves on time. When you go present they sent all the paperwork to your lawyer they make no contact with you."

DJuma said they lost communication with the lawyer and his mother would be sent away. He would visit her in jail for two years before she was finally deported.

"Like if the person didn't do anything wrong -- we have criminals here who can get bailed out but this one court date that she has been going all her life. She only missed one court date. And they deported her over that one thing," he said.

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