'It's basically a landfill': Colerain residents want neighbor to clean up property

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Several residents in Colerain Township are fighting to get a neighbor to clean up his act, literally.

While taking a stroll through the Northbrook Community you will find a lot of manicured lawns until you pass a house on Orangewood Drive.

"Everybody takes care of their place. Then all of a sudden you get this, basically a landfill here on the street," said a resident who lives near the home.

Neighbors that spoke with FOX19 were afraid to be identified due to retaliation. They say the tires, bikes and other things have been collecting in the front and back of their neighbor's yard for the past few years.

"It's like a revolving yard sale that never goes away. The items for sale just change. The junk is unbelievable to the point you have to wonder what's lurking in the junk and if it's going to migrate from their yard to yours," said a neighbor.

Some say the pile has attracted rodents, insects and lowers their property values.

"It definitely hurts morale in this area -- I've been calling on this property for close to four years now." said a neighbor.

On Tuesday, he put a sign up near the yard to encourage his other neighbors to report the problem to Colerain Township's Zoning Office. Then on Wednesday he found the sign vandalized.

FOX19 spoke with the zoning office and learned that the owner of the property was given a violation notice for trash outside of the home on May 5. The inspector returned two weeks later to find the items still haven't been moved. Similar citations have been given to the homeowner dating back to the past four years.

"It's extremely frustrating. I know Colerain Township can only do much, but something needs to be done to address this," said a neighbor.

He says if his neighbor doesn't clean up or leave, he may have to.

FOX19 did try reaching out to the person living in the house but nobody answered the door. The property is registered as a rental property. The zoning office says if the homeowner doesn't comply by removing the trash the homeowner will cited in housing court and could be fined.

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