Lawrenceburg mayor calls for town hall after drinking water concerns surface

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - Lawrenceburg's mayor is planning a town hall next week after a story that aired Wednesday night on FOX19.

Delmar Weldon grew up in the area and is an attorney for the city.

"I'm from here. I would never allow anything to occur that would harm any citizens because they're my family members, they're my friends," said Weldon.

FOX19 reported about a Facebook page called "Protect the Water In Dearborn County," which alleges that drinking water in the area is in jeopardy of becoming polluted. We spoke with one of the group's organizers, Matt Miles, on Wednesday. He believes illegal dumping at a retired power plant is to blame.

"If we don't act our water is going to be poisoned in the next five years," said Miles.

The plant is owned by Tanners Creek LLC. FOX19 called the company several times and is still waiting to hear back.

While the city does not own the property, Weldon says they are active in making sure the demolition of the former plant and clean-up is held to the highest standard.

"We do have a responsibility and we take that responsibility very seriously and we are active in protecting that property," he said.

FOX19 also called the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and was told they're constantly monitoring the situation.

The city sits on an underground aquifer, meaning the area's drinking water is extracted from wells.

When asked whether all the wells have been tested, Weldon said that to his knowledge, everything is being checked on "all the time."

"And that is the assurance we've gotten from the state of Indiana," he said. "And that is the assurance we constantly ask for."

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