4-year-old girl recovering in hospital following dog attack; police investigating

4-year-old girl recovering in hospital following dog attack; police investigating

INDIAN HILL, OH (FOX19) - Indian Hill Rangers are investigating a dog attack that sent a four-year-old girl to the hospital with serious injuries.

Amriel Towe is currently at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, recovering from what her parents have called a traumatic experience that may haunt her for years to come.

"The most heartbreaking thing I've ever gone through in my life," Tiara Towe, Amriel's mother, said.

Relatives said Amriel was staying with her aunt Sunday night because her mom, Tiara, was heading off on a work trip. Amriel and her aunt went to a home in Indian Hill, where her aunt was dog sitting two Rottweilers.

"My daughter has met the dogs before," Tiara said. "The dogs were familiar with my daughter."

In a matter of minutes, Tiara said her daughter Amriel's life was on the line.

"They let the dogs out. The dogs walked out the patio," Tiara said. "As Amriel stepped out, the dog turned around, and that's when he attacked."

Indian Hill Rangers said the male dog unleashed on the Mason girl that night, savagely biting her and pinning her down, and Amriel's aunt stepped in and saved her life.
"She jumped on top of the Rottweiler and fought him off of my child while the Rottweiler dragged both of them across the yard," Tiara said.

The little girl and her aunt both survived, but not without wounds. Amriel's, her family said, are serious and severe. Tiara said Amriel's scalp, bottom and face are injured. Her family showed FOX19 NOW photos of the injuries but requested that they remain private and instead asked to show photos of the little girl during happier times.

Amriel, her mother said, has already undergone a seven-hour surgery, the first of many. Her parents are pleased with the progress.

Though police are investigating the attack, Amriel's loved ones aren't focused on that. Instead, they said they're spending every minute they can with a child they believe is incredibly brave and want the attack to serve as a reminder that no moment should be taken for granted.

"Just hold your babies close because you never know what's going to happen," Tiara said.

Indian Hill Rangers said the dog involved in the attack has been quarantined. They also said charges could be possible in the case.

There is an online fundraiser, a GoFundMe page, to help raise money for Amriel's medical care costs. Amriel's family said they're incredibly thankful for the love and support they've gotten so far.

Donors have given thousands, including former Cincinnati Bengals receiver Mohamed San, who donated $2,000.

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