Cicada 'stragglers' could make an appearance this summer

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - We are still three years away from the next cicada invasion, but the periodical insects are generating some early buzz in 2018.

Don't be surprised to spot some cicadas emerging this summer, according to Dr. Gene Kritsky, an entomologist at Mount Saint Joseph University.

He calls the cicadas "stragglers" from the brood's early emergence in 2017. 

Brood X cicadas are supposed to emerge in 2021, but increasing global temperatures caused a tiny fraction of the brood to make a small (yet still noisy) appearance last summer.

Just like with 2017's early arrivers, 2018's "straggler" cicadas are not a sign that a big brood is coming this year.

"What we're seeing are stragglers. These are some that are coming out a year late from last year's emergence and that's common. We've seen it quite a bit in the past, but never enough to establish a brood. People may find more skins than hear them and that's what we're finding in most of the region," Kritsky said. "We found a few emerging last week and we've heard a few in the quad here at Mount Saint Joe. But as you can tell they're gone. They were eaten as soon as they started squawking."

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Back in 2000, small-scale cicadas sightings also occurred before the big brood in 2004.

Any cicada sightings this year will not be nearly as large as the official Brood X emergence in 2021.

Dr. Kritsky is requesting that anyone who spots a cicada send a photograph with the location to so his organization can put in on a map to help track the insects.

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