Lawrenceburg, Ind. officials hold town hall regarding water concerns

Lawrenceburg, Ind. officials hold town hall regarding water concerns

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - State and local officials in Indiana participated in a town hall Tuesday night after some residents raised concerns about the county's drinking water.

FOX19 first told you residents were worried their drinking water was going to be compromised by the demolition of a power plant. The power plant, owned by Tanners Creek LLC, is in the process of tearing down the site with plans to sell the property to Ports of Indiana later this year.

Tanners Creek spokespeople told residents and officials in the room they are following regulations when it comes to removing debris from the demolition site.

Indiana Department of Environmental Management also has a table in the room.

"We are overseeing the closure of the plan here in the same way we would do it across the state in what we think are high standards and according to the rules and regulations that we have," said IDEM's Rebecca Yoniskin.

Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities Director Olin Clawson said locally, they are proactive about water testing.

"We will continue to do that and nobody is going to scream louder or longer than Lawrenceburg municipal utilities if in fact we find a problem," said Clawson.

Tanners Creek LLC says after the site is closed they will continue to monitor the area for 30 years.

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