Ohio House vote set to resolve impasse over next speaker

Ohio House vote set to resolve impasse over next speaker

COLUMBUS, OH (AP) - The paralyzed Ohio House is ready to vote on a new speaker.

Republican Rep. Kirk Schuring, acting House leader, has called a vote Wednesday.

The vote follows weeks of stalemate during which GOP representatives failed to agree on a successor to former Republican Speaker Cliff Rosenberger.

Rosenberger resigned last month amid an FBI investigation.

The House's business has been stalled for weeks and now has some 160 bills waiting for actions, including ones related to payday lending and gun safety, lawmakers say.

Republican Ryan Smith, House Finance Chairman, is the leading speaker candidate.

A faction led by former Speaker Larry Householder opposes Smith in favor of term-limited Rep. Andy Thompson.

Householder aspires to be speaker next year, as does Smith.

Democratic Leader Fred Strahorn also is running.

If no candidate wins a majority of those present after 10 rounds of voting, the one with the most votes on the 11th vote wins.

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