"Donut Boy" brings tasty treats to Cincinnati police

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Proving not all stereotypes are bad, cops do love donuts. Especially when they come with a 'thank you' from a smiling 10-year-old.

"Donut Boy" Tyler Carach has been traveling the country on a mission to thank every officer, or at least every department for their service, he says.

Tyler said he and his mom made Ohio state number 30 when they stopped to bring donuts to Cincinnati police Wednesday morning.

According to the family's website, Tyler's mission began in August of 2016 when he asked if he could use his allowance money to buy donuts for officers at a store in his hometown.

Tyler set up shop to give out the tasty treats and also talk and take pictures with the officers he calls his 'best friends.'

Cincinnati police seemed grateful for the gesture posting a video with the boy to thank him.

The department says Tyler and his family have given out 60,000 donuts just to say thank you.

Talk about a sugar rush!

Cincinnati police couldn't resist getting a good joke in saying that this is "just one more reason not to be a fireman"

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