ODOT warns "don't be this driver" after journey in reverse

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - You've probably heard the warning 'don't be that guy.'

The Ohio Department of Transportation has a similar warning: 'Don't be this driver.'

In a move fit for a video game, cameras caught a driver backing out of traffic on U.S. 33 and continuing all the way up the exit ramp.

The video shows the driver then continuing his backward path, even making a u-turn to stay in reverse, onto a main road. The driver continued driving in reverse all the way into a shopping center parking lot.

It seems this driver may have seen the Disney movie, "Cars," one too many times, but it does appear to be a decent "Tow Mater" impression.

Thankfully, ODOT says no one was injured in this unusual incident.

ODOT said "pro tip, if your vehicle isn't running properly, pull safely to the side of the road and call for assistance."

Decent advice.

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