Prosecutor urges public to contact parole board regarding grisly 70s rape, murder case

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Warren County's prosecutor recently took to social media urging people to make the voices heard on the upcoming parole hearing for a convicted murderer and rapist.

David Fornshell's lengthy post to Facebook lays out details from the case. In it, Fornshell also says that people can contact the parole board to make their opinions on the case known.

Fornshell says Kenneth Sandlin, an accomplice, and two eventual victims drove from a pool hall to a barn where a barn party was said to be taking place, but there was no party. Fornshell says Sandlin and the accomplice proceeded to commit horrific acts of physical and sexual violence, which led to the death of one victim and the rape of another.

Fornshell says that at one point, one of the victims was instructed to stab the other's dead body.

In January 1979, Sandlin was found guilty of aggravated murder with a rape specification, with kidnapping, and with three counts of rape. He was sentenced to life in prison on the aggravated murder charge and consecutive sentences of seven to 25 years on the rape counts and one count of kidnapping.

"We believe that his release at this time or anytime in the future would endanger the public and demean the very serious nature of (Sandlin's) actions," Fornshell wrote. "We believe that he should remain incarcerated for the remainder of his natural life. Therefore, we are opposed to his release now and at all future opportunities."

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