Residents uneasy as Middletown police investigate multiple break-ins

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Police are investigating and neighbors are on edge following reports of break-ins and attempted break-ins in Middletown.

For the most part, the area near Lowell and Jewell, residents said, feels like a calm and safe place. However, neighbors said they know some crimes increase as the sun stays out longer and the temperatures get warmer.

One woman who lives on Jewell asked to remain anonymous for her own protection but told FOX19 NOW she had a terrifying experience this week.

"I was panicking. I was crying I was so scared," said the woman.

Around 12 a.m. Tuesday, the woman said she was home alone when she heard someone banging and knocking on her windows and rattling her screens.

"Heard it on my bathroom window, and it went on for like forever," she said.

Because she was freaked out, the woman said she took out her cellphone and recorded audio of the noise. After it continued for a few minutes, she said she opened her front door, yelled out and then called the police.

"I was really, really scared because I've never had anything like that happen before," she said.

As officers were responding to her house, another neighbor named Dean called the police, saying that two men had just tried to break into his home around the corner. According to Dean, he caught one of the men in the act, halfway through his front window.

The man ending up taking off, but Deans says he turned around and fired a gun.

Police are patrolling the area.

The night of the break-ins, they brought a K-9 to try to track down any suspects. They also searched for shell casings, though a police report shows they didn't find any. For now, neighbors are encouraging others to be alert and aware.

"Double check your locks on your doors and your windows every night before you go to bed, and if you see anything fishy, make sure you call the police," said the woman.

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