Witness questions bouncers' actions after river bar brawl video surfaces

LUDLOW, KY (FOX19) - Video has surfaced of a brawl at Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club that led to the arrest of six people.

The club is located off Elm Street in Ludlow. The brawl happened Sunday around 2:30 a.m. in the parking lot.

In the video, bouncers in bright shirts can be seen giving chase. One of those chased down was Aaron Morgan.

The police report says an officer and a bouncer were trying to arrest a man when Morgan "sucker punched the bouncer in the head," allowing the man they were trying to arrest to get away.

Morgan's friend Alisha Bayer tells a different story.

"It was a fight between people that I don't even know who it was," Bayer said over the phone. "We walked up in like the middle of it. And that's when the bouncers hopped in."

She claims walking up into an existing fight led to her friend being chased down by two bouncers. While one bouncer held Morgan down, another gave him several blows to the head.

"He was getting beaten pretty badly," said Bayer. "I didn't see anything in the video that would have justified that."

An attorney that represents one of the six people arrested that night says his client Dontae Thomas was only there to pick up his friends.

"He attempted to get another friend from getting into a physical altercation," said attorney Ameer Mabjish. "And then he gets assaulted by three bouncers."

Thomas is now facing three felony charges. Morgan is facing fourth degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Police say no charges have been filed against the bouncers.

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