Pup survives being locked in porta-potty, left for dead

GRANT COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - HART Animal Rescue is working with County Animal Hospital in Mason to help a 1-year-old dog recover from some serious injuries after the dog was left for dead in a gr ant County Port-O-John.

Rescuers say the animal was located in a locked portable bathroom in the Gr ant County Park on Wednesday after a worker doing landscaping tried to use the restroom. The dog was said to have been placed in a plastic tub and then locked inside the lavatory in the summer heat.

"I couldn't sleep last night, just trying to think of why someone would do this. What was the purpose behind it?" said HART Animal Rescue's Shari Wyenandt. "To me, it's absolutely no different than leaving a dog or a child in a hot car all closed up."

The veterinarians at County Animal Hospital say the dog was left behind with a badly fractured hind leg and they're hoping it takes four to eight weeks for the injury to heal.

HART has named the dog Gentry.

"He was treated like trash and so I was looking up antonyms of trash and I came up with Gentry," Wyenandt said.

If you would like to help in Gentry's recovery or inquire about adopting the dog you can visit HART Animal Rescue's website.

The purpose of HART of Cincinnati Animal rescue is to rescue homeless animals, saving them from euthanization, abandonment, and abuse.

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