Paducah Mother's Twins Still Missing In Aftermath From Katrina

PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) - When Jebra Driver last heard from her twin sons, they had climbed to the attic of their New Orleans home with their father as water rose from Hurricane Katrina.

The Paducah woman says they were trying to get out of the attic, then she heard an explosion and their cell phone went dead. The water was already up to their chins when Driver's 36-year-old sons, John Wortmann the Third and Dion Wortmann, called her on a cell phone August 29th.

Driver still remembers her sons' frightened voices. In her words: "All they would say is, 'Mama, we love you."' She says they were screaming it. She added: "I never heard fright in their voices, even when they were little, like I heard it then." Driver has registered her sons and the twins' father, John Wortmann the Second with the nine-one-one search database in New Orleans as well as with the U-S Coast Guard.

Their names are also listed on an American Red Cross Web site for the missing.