Cemetery embraces GPS tracking to locate graves

Cemetery embraces GPS tracking to locate graves
(FOX19 NOW/Jordan Vilines)

SPRINGFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) - The Arlington Memorial Gardens is making it easier for visitors to find their friends and relatives who are buried on the grounds of their 165-acre memorial park in Springfield Township.

"I am proud to say that Arlington is the first cemetery in Cincinnati to offer GPS tracking throughout our grounds to locate the specific burial plots for the estimated  49,000 people who were laid to rest throughout our expansive grounds, which includes 29 magnificent and unique gardens," Arlington President Dan Applegate said in a news release. "We utilized a company called webCemeteries.com who works with cemeteries throughout the country to do geotagging and 360° mapping this summer."

Applegate said to make the process of finding the sites through GPS easier, they have named all the streets within the park and are in the process of installing street signs.

The GPS tracking works on any smart phone or tablet.

"From our website, amgardens.org, select Locate a Loved One from the top menu. Next, type in the name of the deceased and select Search. The location of your loved one is displayed, and you are led directly to their final resting place. Additionally, all of the major landmarks such as the mausoleum and lake, and the magnificent sculptures within our park may also be located using the GPS system," Applegate said.

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