PGA HOPE program connecting Veterans

WINTON WOODS, OH (FOX19) - PGA HOPE is making an impact on Greater Cincinnati Veterans.

Golf's flagship military program stands for: Helping Our Patriots Everywhere. The program works to introduce golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being, says the PGA.

The charitable program is underway all across the U.S. and has a location in Cincinnati. Meadow Links and Golf Academy serves as the location for the Southern Ohio PGA Section.

Saturday afternoon, Veterans gathered to show off the skills they've learned so far before the program wraps up next week.

Some of the Veterans called their experience with HOPE 'fun' saying that it also gave them a chance to hear and tell stories of their own.

"I really appreciate what they're doing here. This is a really good deal for us." said Army Veteran James Johnson.

The participating Veterans said they felt thankful for the opportunity the program gave them.

"They've helped me out more than anyone else has been able to help me out and it's cool getting around all these military people, so you know you share stories, and stuff." said Navy Veteran Ted Wiener.

It's not just the experience the Veterans are thankful for. They say it's also improving their golf game.

"Well, it's a great experience, I have enjoyed it for the last two years. And I have one of the best instructors that you can have. And she has taught me a lot. And I'm happy with my game at this point." said Army Veteran Harold McIntyre.

Above anything else, the HOPE program gave Veterans a chance to come together with people who've had similar experiences.

"Well just so y'all know, we all went through the same thing. Different branches of the military, we've all been through the same things. So it's kind of cool, sharing stories." said Wiener.

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