Frisch's announces return of Coca-Cola products

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - In 2013, Cincinnati's iconic Frisch's restaurant dropped Coca-Cola products and switched their signature vanilla and cherry-flavored sodas to Pepsi.

The change sent some customers into an uproar, and even prompted one disgruntled person to create a Facebook page titled "Hey Frisch's, Bring Back Coke."

But on Monday, Frisch's delighted coke-lovers in Cincinnati by announcing its return later this year.

Frisch's CEO Jason Vaugh said customer feedback has been overwhelmingly focused on the deliverance of Coca-Cola products. It's the number one request the restaurant has seen in the past few years, according to Vaugh.

Not surprisingly, customers rejoiced at the news.

"Now I can have my Big Boy & Coke again! The way it's supposed to be," one person said on Facebook.

Coke products are expected to be in Frisch's soda fountains by September.

Frisch's has called Cincinnati home since opening in Fairfax 1942.

The restaurant's friendly-faced Big Boy statue sits outside of most Frisch's 100 locations in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

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