Zoo helping animals beat the heat

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As many across the Tri-State are scrambling to turn on the air conditioner, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is stepping up to help its residents.

Some animals are naturally equipped to deal with this heat and humidity, but others needs some help from pools. canopies, trees and other items.

"When building the habitats we actually take that into consideration, whether there is enough shade. But animals like our snow leopards or red pandas that are more cold climate animals actually have access to air conditioning so they can choose to go in if they'd like. We also give them frozen treats or some animals like to get baths with the hose. We make sure they're well taken care of," Angela Hatke said.

Zoo officials said some love the big ice cubes they provide.

"Depending on the size of the animals. We'll have actual small size ice cubes for our meerkats, but we also have five or 10 gallon bucket ice cubes for our bigger animals like gorillas. We'll freeze there produce in and give them an extra little treat," Hatke said.

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