Owner of pit bull fatally shot in College Hill disagrees with CPD's version of events

Police investigating dog attack

COLLEGE HILL (FOX19) - A man is facing charges after police say his pit bull got loose and attacked another man who was walking his dogs.

It happened on Bobolink Drive on Tuesday around 10 p.m.

Ben Harris was sent to the hospital with minor injuries after the incident, according to Cincinnati police on scene. They say one of the dogs he was walking with also suffered minor injuries.

Police say Harris, a CCW holder, shot and killed the pit bull in self-defense. The owner of the pit bull, however, Jon Paul Valerius, says that's not true.

"He was antagonizing my dog, telling his dog to come and get my dog," he said.

Residents who live near Harris describe him as a sweet neighbor who loves his dogs.

Police say Valerius' dog was not on a leash, another part of the investigation Valerius disagrees with.

"My dog was on a leash," he said. "This is a main road -- why would I not have my dog on a leash?"

FOX19 tried reaching out to Harris through various avenues and has not heard back.

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