City repaving, resurfacing streets in 23 neighborhoods

City repaving, resurfacing streets in 23 neighborhoods
A map of the 23 neighborhoods getting resurfaced, repaved in the city. (Source:

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Expect to see road crews out for the rest of the month on Cincinnati streets. 23 neighborhoods are getting repaved and resurfaced.

The plan is to improve more than 90-lane miles in the neighborhoods.

Don Gindling, with the City of Cincinnati, compares micro-surfacing to sealing a wooden deck.

It typically takes up to four hours for this stuff to dry. That means people in the streets are kind of stuck in their homes. The city says they gave people plenty of notice and it's just the price you pay for better roads.

"We try and do every other street. So, if there's parking available on the adjacent street you may just have to walk a little bit for one day," Gindling said.

He urges patience for drivers and residents in the neighborhoods.

"They're out there, it's a hot day, it's usually a long day. They're out there 12 to 14 hour days. Just be patient with them. We'll try and get them done as quick as we can," Gindling said.

The city is investing $67 million dollars over a six year period.

You can see the neighborhood schedule HERE.

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