Student Kills Family Then Dies In Auto Accident

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (AP) - State police say incidents that led to the deaths of five people in Pike County yesterday began with a complaint from East Ridge High School regarding an alleged intoxicated juvenile.

Officers responded to the school and after consultation with court officials, 17-year-old Matthew Hackney was cited for Public Intoxication and released to the custody of his parents. In the afternoon Hackney allegedly entered a business and advised an employee that he had killed his parents and grandmother with a gun after getting into trouble at school.

Hackney then drove westbound on U-S 460 where he and 41-year-old Terry Taylor of Elkhorn City died in a head-on traffic crash. Troopers then went to the residence and found the bodies of 47-year-old Ivan Hackney, 44-year-old Shirley Hackney and 63-year-old Wilma Hackney.