Woman puts up $1,000 reward, says ex-boyfriend stole Chow Chows to sell puppies

Woman pleads for her dogs to be returned

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - Those who live in places like Petersburg, Ky., which is just outside of Lawrenceburg, Ind., have likely seen fliers for missing dogs.

Michele Murray put them there. In late June, she went on vacation in Florida and asked her ex-boyfriend to house sit and take care of her two dogs. The dogs are Chow Chows named Cali and Smoke.

"I went to Florida to take my cousin's van down there, and I come back, and the house is empty -- everything was gone," said Murray, standing in front of her mother's home in Petersburg.

She filed a police report with North College Hill Police. When she said everything, she was not kidding. The report shows a number of things taken including televisions, a washer and dryer, lawnmower, a dartboard, and even her two pups.

"I don't care about that stuff -- I mean I do, but keep it," she said. "Give me my dogs."

She thinks Cali and Smoke were taken for the money. Murray said Cali was pregnant and can fetch a pretty penny. FOX19 looked online and found pups for $400 and as much as $3,500. Murray said with the proper paperwork, which she has, you can get a lot.

She's hoping he'll see this story and give them back.

"Oh, I text him -- and he never would reply. I called, my mom did, and our son did, but he never would reply," Murray said.

The police report lists the ex-boyfriend as a suspect, though he has not been charged.

Murray is offering a $1,000 reward for his capture.

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