Officer's truck, gun stolen during crook's Colerain crime spree

Crook caught on camera breaking into cars

FOREST PARK, OH (FOX19) - A local police officer recently woke up to find her truck, gun, and training gear stolen. She is one of several victimized by a crook targeting a Colerain neighborhood.

The victims believe the crook is coming from Clippard Park and canvasing neighborhoods nearby looking through cars and taking what he can. A resident was able to catch the man on camera prowling through the neighborhood and breaking into cars Wednesday morning on Grovewood Drive.

"They have no fear that they're breaking into these cars," said Shelley McCloskey.

Her husband's truck was broken into. The surveillance video shows the man walking up to cars parked outside and rummaging inside them. He was able to steal cash, a laptop and a few checkbooks.

Now the thefts are getting bolder. On Thursday morning Ashley Meyer, who is a Forest Park police officer, woke up to find her truck missing.

"I questioned it for a second did I park it somewhere and I don't remember because I get up early for work but I know immediately it had been stolen," said Meyer.

Her gun, badge, and police training gear were all inside the truck parked in her driveway.

"That's a huge concern for officers and anybody out there. That's definitely a huge concern and we're on top of that," said Meyer.

She says the doors to her F-150 truck were locked, but the doors to her other car in the driveway were not.

"They went through my second vehicle and found the keys to the truck were in that vehicle and then stole my truck," said Meyer.

She is helping police review the recent images of the previous burglaries to see if the man breaking into cars Wednesday is connected to the theft Thursday.

Anyone who spots the pickup truck or recognizes the man in the video is asked to contact Colerain Police at 513-385-7504.

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