The Process of Surgery...

The Process of Surgery

The process of surgery can be an intimidating, confusing and many times a nervous process. Understanding the steps from initial contact with Dr. McKenna to final healing helps make the process easier.

The relationship between you and Dr. McKenna starts with your call to his office. Judi will be the first person from his office that you will speak to. She has spent years speaking with cosmetic surgery patients and is extemely knowledgable. More importantly is her understanding and compassion for patients as individuals and their concerns. She will be able to answer most of your questions and set up a consultation with Dr. McKenna whether in person or by phone if you live outside Ohio.

Our goal is for you to feel as comfortable and knowledgable about your procedure as possible. The consultation is a time not only to get your medical questions answered but also learn something about each other. This helps in developing trust and confidence. At the consultation your interests and concerns will be discussed in detail. A physical exam will be done to clarify specific concerns. This is the best time to match patient and physician expectations of the surgery. Pre- and post-operative patient photos will be shown and are useful for this process too. Questions are encouraged and will be answered thoroughly. The session ends with an estimate of the cost for the proposed treatment plan.

Whenever possible a second consultation is scheduled. This allows you to reflect on the information, share it with others, and think of more questions. At the second consultation the remainder of your questions will be answered, a consent sheet will be gone over, and an instruction sheet will be given to you. The instruction sheet gives answers to specifics such as showering, driving, and dressings. We believe that the more informed you are the easier the surgical process will be.

On the day of surgery you will have another opportunity to have Dr. McKenna answer your questions. This pre-operative time is also when the areas to be improved are discussed and marked with your approval. Pre-operative photos will be taken. Post-operative instructions and prescriptions will be written and given to you before leaving the surgical facility.

The exact day of follow-up depends on the type of surgery you have. However we encourage you to call at anytime you have a question or concern. We want you to feel that we are available throughout your entire surgical experience. Our goal is not just to perform a surgical procedure but to ensure your satisfaction with the result.