UC Student accused of sexual imposition will not be charged

UC Student accused of sexual imposition will not be charged

CLIFTON, OH (FOX19) - Some University of Cincinnati students are restless after learning that a fellow classmate is accused of groping several females in their dorm room.

Students were sent an email on Monday alerting them about multiple reports of sexual imposition last week in Daniels Hall where the student was living.

"I texted my roommates and we were like what's going on," said Corrine Reid. She's a freshman who lives in the dorm.

UC police say last week two females filed a report that the male student initiated or attempted to initiate inappropriate sexual contact with them.

The two females also said that other girls in the dorm have also been impacted.

Sam Loth, a freshman who lives in Daniels Hall, says while he didn't know the guy he heard about his reputation.

"We know someone who said that they had to actually tell him to like go away, and I guess he took it too far," said Loth. "Like he's trying to get with girls who've had too much to drink and stuff and they had to tell him no and he won't take no for an answer and they push him away."

Police say after the complaints, the student was forced to moved out of Daniels Hall.

The victims have chosen not press charges against the student, so he hasn't been arrested or identified, UC police say.

According to the university, he is still currently a student at UC which makes some students we spoke with uncomfortable.

"I think that's also kind of scary because that means the person is still on the campus and there are people out there like that. I guess girls have to be more aware of that now," said Reid.

The freshmen who live in Daniels Hall say they will also be more careful about who they let in their space.

"This is a very social dorm. Doors are open all the time like people can just go in your room and stuff. It's kind of crazy. It's a different lifestyle," said Loth.

"I'm just glad he's not in the building anymore because that's really scary," said Reid.

UC police say the incident will now be reviewed by Title IX and then the University will make a decision if the student will be allowed to stay at the school.

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