University's NICU Accepting Patients Again

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital is again accepting more patients.

They stopped taking newborns a week and a half ago when doctors noticed a spike in an infant disease that attacks the intestines called Necrotizing Enterocolitis or NEC. Two babies died from it.

Since then, there have been no new cases and doctors found no sign that the disease is infectious or that it came from anything in their facility.

Doctor Vivek Narendran, Medical Director of the NICU says, "It's a normal occurance that these pre-term infants have that, so this just happens that we have these spikes sometimes during the year and invariably we intiate all these precautions and look for a cause and never find one."

Doctors say the disease shows up about 30 to 35 times a year in Cincinnati alone and they're still not sure how babies get it. Research is going on now at Children's Hospital to figure out more about the disease.