Father Charged With Aggravated Murder

A Tri-State man is charged with killing his young daughter.

Witnesses say they saw Darius Myrick running down the street Thursday night, with his crying 19-month old daughter in his arms, Aliyah Myrick.

An Amber Alert was issued after midnight, but no one saw Darius Myrick again until Friday morning, but there was no sign of Aliyah. Witnesses say Myrick was incapable of responding to questions and police found leaves and grass on his clothes.

Police searched Inwood Park in Mt. Auburn and found the girl's body laying six feet off of a paved pathway. Police say she had been there for a couple of hours and there were no visible signs of trauma.

Darius Myrick is charged with aggravated murder. As of Friday night, he was still in the psychiatric unit at UC Hospital.