Students, Faculty and Family Attend Memorial For Teen

It was a somber day at Norwood Middle School..

Classes were suspended so students and faculty could say good bye to an eighth grader killed in her own home by her own father police say.

Danielle Franklin was loved by so many.the line waiting to get into the visitation streched around Norwood Middle School.  Those who knew and loved Danielle Franklin came with memories of the popular eighth grader.

"She was a nice person she never did anything to anyone. She was a good student she was a really great friend to most people in 7th and 8th grade." said schoolmate Tonya Elam.

Inside the gym, students promised to never forget the smiling cheerleader.  They wrote personal messages on signs and looked at pictures of happier times.  Some wrote a single word - why.

Norwood Middle School Guidance Counselor Debbie Riggs said dealing with a death is hard but when its a violent death like Danielle's makes it harder for the students to cope.  Riggs adds that students get images in their head that they don't want which makes harder to understand why it happened.

Answering questions of Danielle's death will take time for her family.  Michael Ellison, Danielle's half brother, said he isn't sure what Gordon Franklin, Danielle's father, was thinking last Thursday.  Franklin has been arrested for killing his daughter and has admitted to the crime.  He is in jail on a one million dollar bond.  Ellison added "he couldn't have been in his right mind to hurt his baby girl." 

Although Danielle Franklin lived just 13 years, she touched so many during her short life.