Tilapia With Tarragon Butter Sauce

Tilapia with Tarragon Butter Sauce

2@          Tilapia fillets (fresh or frozen)

2Tbls.     Olive oil

1 tsp.      Salt and pepper (or your favorite seasoning blend)

2 Tbls.    Flour

3 oz.        Dry white wine

2 Tbls.    Lemon juice (or other citrus)

3 Tbls.    Butter (do not use margarine)

1 Tbls.    Fresh tarragon, chopped


1. Heat skillet over medium high heat.  Add oil.

2. Season tilapia and dust in flour.  Carefully place tilapia in skillet, seasoned side down.

3. Turn tilapi over after approximately 3 minutes.  Continue cooking until done and remove from skillet.

4. Discard any excess oil from skillet and add wine and lemon juice.

5. Reduce to liquid to approximately 1 tbls.

6. Whisk in butter, add tarragon, and pour over the tilapia immediately.