Bennie Green

My name is Bennie Green. I am 36 years old and a resident of Cincinnati, OH. I am married with two children and a graduate of Western Hills High School. The personal qualities which I believe to be particular important are my my ability empathize with people and to be nonjudgmental. I thoroughly understand the problems surrounding at- risk youth to a great extent because of my own experiences.

I am a dedicated, resourceful and articulate individual with a lot of brilliant new ideas for the citizens of Cincinnati. Vote FOR someone who will work FOR YOU!

*Business owner/ Entrepreneur Jean Nicole"s Beauty Salon & City Gear Enterprises

*Winner of the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD at Montgomery Inn Boathouse

*Volunteer Basketball Coach at Melrose YMCA and the Friars Club

I am running for City Council because I want to make a positive change in our neighborhoods and make the city a better place to live in. Our city needs a change and I will provide hands- on leadership within our communities.I believe that every community should have a voice at City Hall.I will get involved with the people of our city. I will be "hands on " year 'round, not just at election time.My platform is our youth, our neighborhoods and economic development. To create good jobs and opportunities for the people of cincinnat. I peition you the voters of Cincinnati to let me be your voice and advocate at City Hall.

I have a workable plan to reduce crime in Cincinnati

Vote for Bennie Green for City Council. I am a man that sticks to my word and would be a wise choice I am the man for a better future for all youth. I am a inspirational and motivational speaker who has a desire to make a change for the better. When it comes to the youth I will deliver a positive and promising message. Our children represent the future,In order to insure that our future will be bright we have to make their present positive and safe. I believe in education and a good family structure. I realizes that the home must be strong in order  for the youth to excel in this troubled world. It is up to the adult community to lead them in the right direction and to steer them away from trouble and sin. I have a strong faith and believe that it is all possible if we work together.

Biography courtesy of Bennie Green campaign