David Crowley

David C. Crowley has had a successful career in management of agencies and programs providing social services, community action and capacity building in both domestic and international settings. He received a master’s degree in social work fromOhio State University and a master’s degree in international affairs from George Washington University. He served as executive of a national association representing the elderly. From 1983 to 1995, Mr. Crowley directed international relief and development projects in West Africa, Nepal, Thailand, Romania, Croatia, and Bosnia. He also served as a manager in US Peace Corps in the Caribbean and Cameroon

David Crowley began his political career as a teen helping his father turnout the Democrat voters in the eighth ward. While living in Kentucky, he was a delegate to the Kentucky State Democratic Convention in 1968 and 1972 and a delegate to the Virginia State Convention in 1978 and 1980. Mr. Crowley was elected as an alternate to the Democratic National Convention in 1980. During his years living out of the country, he was active in Democrats Abroad.

Since his return to Cincinnati in 1995, Mr. Crowley has campaigned and conducted fundraisers for Democratic candidates of all levels of government. While not endorsed in 1999 by the nominating committee for City Council, he worked diligently for the entire ticket. In 2000 he served as a member of the nominating committee for county offices. He is the elected Precinct Executive for 9J. Crowley successfully led the Vote 2000 voter registration effort. Registering close to 10,000 voters in targeted areas, it was called "hugely successful" by the Cincinnati Post. He coordinated activities with the A. Phillip Randolph Institute, CASE, the Democratic Party and Democratic campaigns in the GOTV effort.

Crowley is a past President of the Mt. Adams Business Guild and chairman of the annual Mr. Adams Blood Drive. Until is was dissolved, he served as a Board Member of the Port Authority for Brownfields Redevelopment and presently sits as a member of the Brownfields Committee for the new Port Authority. He was recently elected Vice President of the Licensed Beverage Association of Southwest Ohio and appointed as a board member of the Community Action Agency. 

President and CEO: Crowley's Inc. Crowley's has been a family owned and operated business and community resource in Cincinnati for over 65 years. David Crowley took over management when his brother suffered a stroke in 1995.

Crowley was elected to Cincinnati City Council in his first political candidacy in November 2001. He serves as chairman of the Committees on Committees and as the chairman of the Board of Education Cooperative Affairs Sub-committee. He also serves as vice-chairman of the Community Development and Intergovernmental Committee, is a member of the Finance Committee, the Health and Small Business Development Committee and the Neighborhood and Public Services Committee.

Biography obtained from the Cincinnati city council website