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Bill Barron

Psalms 121 really describe me. I try my best to stand on GOD's words thought the good times and the bad times. I am on disability but that has not slowed me down if anything it has giving me more time to serve the lord. I had founded Cincinnati Christian Church years ago, which met the needs of the people in over-the-Rhine whether it was clothes, food, jobs, apts., furniture, etc... with the help of the people down there we did all that and more.
------Right before the riots broke out the lord told me to shut the doors of the church, I didn't understand at the time but after, he told me that the people had hardened their hearts. Which is why I didn't support the riots, or the boycotts, but thought of my man Dr. King's version of peaceful movements. Thats why the court battle worked for us. We can now use some of the system to work for us to make things better and anyone who is of color making it should be giving back. Though the courts we are getting equal and the most important thing is the vote today. Even thought the city is not cooperating with the courts, we as a people will be heard. There is alot of politicking going on right now, now is the time we as a people have to wake up tell someone what you just heard and kept telling our youth the truth.
------A few years ago I started looking at our city government, you could do nothing else but look at them. They were every where. Taxes on the stadium deal, the riots, police abuse, cuts in the police an fire departments, loss of jobs and business, and families in the city.
------ It has just been bad under our council and we need to get rid of all of the ones that do not care. We need new people who are not going to make back-room deals and sell us out. People we can trust and believe in.
------Even if I don't get elected, I am hoping that we can kept this site and that you use it to speak on, speak up, use it to fight on and get it all out right here. A prayer of mine is that we will help one another right here, not just talk about it but do something, act upon something and do more right here. If you don't do anything other then donate you will be doing something or if you have a ideal for someone or can do something , do it make the effort right here. Lets make this better than our city leaders and show them a thing or two.


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