Mark Mallory Wins Cincinnati Mayoral Race

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory
Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

It came down to the last few minutes.

All through the night early returns pointed to David Pepper as being the next mayor of Cincinnati.

Suddenly votes for Mark Mallory came pouring in and he pulled away with a narrow win.  In fact just over 2500 votes seperated the two candidates.

In a jubilant celebration at his campaign party Mallory thanked Pepper for a good race and looked forward to making changes in Cincinnati.

In his concession speech, Pepper returned the thanks and praised Mallory for an intense race and said the hotly contested race was what this city needed.

Four new city council members will join 5 incumbents

In the city council races te field of 31 is now narrowed to nine with several incumbent candidates losing their seats.

City councilmen Sam Malone and Chris Smitherman have both been defeated.

Newcomers Leslie Ghiz, Jeff Berding, Chris Bortz and Cecil Thomas will be charged with invigorating city council.  Council has lately been rife with name calling and infighting and has been accused of not getting things accomplished.

Issues took hits across state

Issues 2-5 which were embroiled in controversy from both sides of the aisle were defeated soundly this evening.  The issues called "Reform Ohio" were being watched by many out of state interest groups on both sides.

The issues resulted from the 2004 presidential elections in which Ohio was in the center of controversy over state election practices.