New Orleans Has New Greeting After Katrina

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Hurricane Katrina may have destroyed homes and businesses in New Orleans, but it also has led to new expressions.

Before the hurricane, people would greet each other by saying "Where y'at?." Now they say, "How's ya' house?" The unofficial salutation represents the deep love residents have for their homes, many of which are more than a century old. The hurricane damaged and destroyed a number of them.

The Big Easy has always had a colorful language. For instance, people don't say they're going to the market to "buy groceries." Instead, they say, they're going to the market to "make groceries." And to inquire about family, they will ask one another "How's your mom an' them?" The accent in New Orleans is also unique to the region. Locals don't "ask" questions, they "ax" them.

One man says "It's not just the accent. It's the way we talk."