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House Democrat Demanding Iraqi Withdrawl

CAPITOL HILL (AP) - A top House Democrat is demanding an immediate US withdrawal from Iraq.

Congressman John Murtha is a decorated Vietnam War veteran, former Marine and the ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee defense panel. He voted to authorize President Bush to go to war against Iraq in 2002.

In a Capitol Hill news conference today, he described the Iraq war as "a flawed policy wrapped in illusion." Murtha says US troops have become the common target for various factions in Iraq.

The Pennsylvania Democrat says if the US pulls out, it will give Iraqi security forces more of an incentive to take charge.

Murtha says the redeployment has to be done in a way to keep the troops safe.

Vice President joins President in counter attacks

President Bush says "people are irresponsibly using their positions" to oppose the Iraq war.

Today in South Korea, he blasted critics back home who are questioning his administration's handling of the war.

A spokesman predicts a "sustained" response to critics. Meanwhile, Vice President Cheney told a conservative group last night "some of the most irresponsible comments" come from "politicians" who voted to authorize force.

Bush unleashed the theme in a Veterans Day address last week, saying war critics are "deeply irresponsible" and send the wrong message to the enemy and America's troops.

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