Airport Screeners Allowing Some Sharp Objects

(WASHINGTON) -- Transportation Security Administration head Kip Hawley says small scissors, screwdrivers and other sharp object will no longer be banned from flights.

Hawley says the new rules will go into effect December 22nd. He says relaxing those limits is part of a bigger effort to let screeners focus on finding explosives. Hawley also says passengers should see more random changes at security gates. For example, an airport may make all passengers remove their shoes one day, but not the next. He says it's "paramount to the security of our aviation system" that militants can't predict screening measures. But lawyer Justin Green says Nine-Eleven relatives are appalled that federal officials are "planning on letting weapons back on board." He represents families of three flight attendants who were on American Airlines Flight Eleven.

The hijackers stabbed two of the women before crashing the jet into the World Trade Center.