A New Baby Jesus Will Be Back In Nativity Scene

The empty crib in the Cheviot nativity scene will soon have a new occupant.

Officials in the Cincinnati area community will replace the stolen life-size figure with an exact replica from the supplier in New York.

The baby Jesus figure and a sheep were stolen from the town owned nativity scene earlier in the week.  The nativity is on Harrison Avenue across from the Auto Zone store.  Originally thought to be a prank officials thought that the figures would be returned quickly.

After many pleas to the public to return them the community finally replaced them.

Another Figure Will Stand In Until Replacements Arrive

An Anderson Township girl who heard of the loss of baby Jesus from the Cheviot nativity decided that something should be done to right a wrong.

Julie Hendricks was given a life-size figure of a baby Jesus when she was five.  She had become very interested in the story of the nativity and her mother and grandmother decided to give her one.  "She put it up every year in her room for Christmas time," says Hendricks' mother Gayle.

Although a replacement is on the way, the 12-year-old decided that giving is the true spirit of Christmas.

She is giving it to the city in case the figure is stolen again or this happens in another community, "they can pass it along to someone else in need." says Henricks.

The stand-in baby Jesus will be put in place Wednesday evening.

The replacement figures are expected to arrive next Monday or Tuesday and cost the city $800 to replace.