Faith Is The Focus Of Cancer Survival For Women's Group

In a room at the New Hope Community Church in Cheviot several women share their most intimate secrets.

One woman talks about having a biopsy on lympnodes in her neck and another talks of spots on her lungs.  Pattie Noel shares every survivors on going concern that their cancer might return.  Noel has survived breast cancer twice.

"The second time was more difficult emotionally and spiritually then the first time because I really got into despair," says Noel who started the support group to get some spiritual support.

Now the women who were once complete strangers are now dependent on each other for emotional needs.

The group believes the power of prayer and sharing hope is just as important as any medical care.  Nancy Eckel says visiting together every month has made a difference in her recovery.  She said, "We can talk about surgeries, chemo, how we feel and the fears of reconstruction a lot of other things that people don't understand."

"The only thing worse than fighting cancer is fighting despair," said Noel of the only faith-based support group in the area.

Sitting and sharing gives each woman a healing that no doctor could do.

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Reported by: Meghan Mongillo

Produced for the web by: Cliff Jenkins