Fatal Shooting Outside Nightclub

A 19 year old girl is dead after a shooting outside a local night club.

Cincinnati police say a teen Christmas party in Roselawn turned unruly on Christmas Eve.

According to witness accounts there were hundreds of teenagers in the parking lot of Club Legacy when they heard several gun shots.

Minutes later Police found two female victims just a block away. One of the victims has non-life threatening injuries, the other, 19 year old Chanel Jordan succumbed to her injuries early Christmas morning.

This isn't the first time there has been violence at a club in Roselawn. In June three people were shot at Club Ritz, after the crowd got violent.

Roselawn residents, who declined to go on camera told FOX 19 that there are rarely problems at Club Legacy. But when there is trouble it's usually on nights when there is party for teenagers.

Cincinnati Police are investigating the fatal Christmas Eve shooting, and still searching for those responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS (513)352-3040.