City Council Takes on Christmas Eve Murder

Outraged family and friends of Chanel Jordan presented a united front Friday afternoon to members of City Council, pleading for an end to the violence.

Jordan was murdered on Christmas Eve in Roselawn after a teen party got out of control.

One month before her 20th birthday a young mother's life was brought to an abrupt violent end.

"This city is out of control I'm upset black on black crime I'm embarrassed I am no longer black." says Jordan's aunt Cassie Jamison.

Chanel Jordan wasn't even attending the Christmas Eve party at the Legacy. She was picking up her little brother when she was gunned down. The shooter is still on the loose.

"You had over two thousand people there where was the police in Roselawn? At a donut shop? Come on!!!" exclaimed Jamison.

Chanel's family did not stand alone. Church, city, and community leaders appealed to the council for answers and action.

"We have kids who are angry we want to band aid stuff let's start at the root of the problem and find out what are these kids wanting trouble to happen."

"It has to start at home but we as a nine members of council can not do it alone." Councilwoman Laketa Cole told FOX 19.

The Council is asking for a united front calling Chanel Jordan's Christmas Eve death the last straw. The goal is to become "one city to end the violence."

"We have to become a city that's busy, a city that's busy getting to the root cause, a city that's busy trying to collect these guns..." Cole said.

They want to make Cincinnati a city that's too busy to hate.

Reporter: Corey McConnell