Highly Decorated Local Soldier Dies in Iraq

His family says Jason Bishop had only one dream. And he lived it.

Tuesday, the Bishop family told Fox 19 News, Sgt. Jason Bishop died in Iraq Saturday when a suicide bomber attacked his convoy. The 31-year-old grew up in Covington, and is survived by a wife and two children.

"He was a soldier [first]," Lacey Bishop, his sister says. "He meant so much to us."

And his family says serving the country meant so much to Jason. It was his dream ever since high school at Holmes High in Covington. Tuesday, his former teachers said they remembered a warm-hearted teen who was serious about the ROTC.

Lacey remembers it first hand growing up. "That became his life," she says. "Everything had to be perfect. When he put on that uniform, everything had to be pressed and perfect."

Ten days after graduation, Bishop joined the Army and made it his career. His family says he rose up through the ranks with surprising speed. In fact he was so successful, the Army kept him from going to fight in Iraq, because he was needed too much at home as a drill sergeant.

When he finally got approval, his family says Bishop was glad to go. In September, he left for Iraq, leaving behind his wife, 9-year-old daughter Morgan, and one year old son Matthew.

"[Matthew] was there watching his dad go off when he was a year old," Teresa Frost, friend of Bishop's says. "He'll never get to know what kind of man his dad really is."

Frank Bishop says when anybody talks about his son, he hopes they start by saying he was a hero.

Report by: Chris Shaw