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Chocolaty Cake

Shannon¡¯s Wonderful Chocolaty Cake


From Shannon Boyle


For the Cake¡¦


¨ö c. unsweetened cocoa                                          1 c. granulated sugar

¨ö c. natural unrefined sugar or sugar            1 c. skim milk + 1 t. white vinegar

¨ö c. Benecol     *                                                      ¨ö cup soy milk( or skim milk)

1 t. baking soda                                           2 t. vanilla extract

¨ù t. salt                                                                  2 ounces Eggbeaters (or 2 eggs)

2 c. whole grain pastry flour or all purpose flour 


Preheat oven to 350¢ª


Mix together flour, cocoa, baking soda, salt

In a separate bowl, mix benecol, granulated sugar, sucanat, and vanilla.  Add eggbeaters and soy milk.

Add flour mixture and butter milk alternately to sugar mixture


Pour batter into 2 round pans coated with cooking spray and flour or cocoa.  (Or you can use square pans, or an oblong pan and cut the cake in half for your layers.)  Bake for 25 - 35 minutes, or until the center of the cake springs back when lightly touched.  (Cooking time is the same for cupcakes). 

Word to the wise:  Be sure to allow cake to completely cool in the pans before popping it out.


*Benecol is used in these recipes as a substitute for butter.  Any plant stanol enhanced spread will due.


Now, For the Icing¡¦


2 ripe avocadoes                                                1 T. vanilla extract

4 oz. Unsweet baker¡¯s chocolate             3 T. cocoa

¨ù  c. soy milk                                       1 ¨ö c. confectioner¡¯s sugar

3 T. Benecol*                                                    ¨ù c. flax seed (finely ground)

¨ú c. natural unrefined sugar                    4 T. corn starch (if needed for thickening)


Process the avocado in a Cuissinart until smooth

Mix chocolate, soy milk and Benecol in a microwave safe container, heat in the microwave for 45 seconds and stir until uniform and smooth.

Add sucanat, vanilla, and cocoa to the chocolate mix

Add chocolate mix to avocado and beat in confectioner¡¯s sugar, flax seed and corn starch (if needed for thickening).


Place icing in refrigerator to cool and prepare filling.


For the Filling¡¦

¨ö c. shredded carrot      *                       ¨ù c. flax seed (finely ground)

1 c. prunes (or other dried fruit)                4 T. cocoa

¨ö c. sunflower seeds                             5 T. brown sugar

1 package soft tofu 14 oz.


Place ingredients in Cuissinart one at a time, beginning with carrot, and process until the mixture reaches a smooth consistency.  (After the carrot, adding tofu next will make processing the dried fruit easier.)  Refrigerate after preparation.


Put cake together.  Decorate, if desired, with chocolate pieces or shavings, or fresh fruit.



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